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Luger Spring 2 in 1 Pistol / Rifle Airsoft Gun

Item #: BC-P608
Price: $7.50

This Luger Pistol comes complete in a case. The best part about this replica is that it can be converted into a rifle. This unique airsoft gun comes in a lockable case and changes from a 10" Luger to a 16" rifle with just an addition of the included grip and barrel.


  • Dimensions: Length: 9 "(with rifle extension 16") Height: 6"
  • Range: 80' Effective 100' Maximum
  • Capacity: 12 rounds
  • Velocity: 200 Fps (.12 Grams) 185 Fps (.20 Grams)

Product Description

The Parabellum pistol was developed by George Luger in Germany ca. in 1898. The Parabellum name comes from ancient Latin saying Si vis Pacem Para bellum - if you want Peace prepare for War. The Lugers' design is based on earlier Hugo Borchard idea but Luger re-designed the Borchards' locking system into much smaller package. Most pre-WW II Parabellums were developed by DWM company in Germany with some being manufactured under license in other countries. During WW II many companies such as Mauser werke and others also produced Lugers.

Can convert to rifle with rifle extension .Made of durable plastic. This gun comes with small pack of 100 6mm plastic BBs. The spring powered single shot airsoft bb/paintball pistol in case with rifle extension. The gun magazine can carry a total of 12 .12 gram BB's. The gun fires BB's up to 80-90ft at speeds of 200fps the accuracy fairs well up to 50 ft. away. Great addition to any collection!

This airsoft gun-rifle is great for the beginner. Very close in form and function to the real steel Luger Parabellum P08 this inexpensive airsoft gun will provide hours of enjoyment. With this Luger Parabellum P08 replica the admiration continues in the sports realm of AirSoft.

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All Airsoft guns are sold with a federally mandated 1/3 inch orange tip. It is illegal to remove the orange tip.
Removing the orange tip will void your warranty. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any Airsoft gun.

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